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August 2015

Buliding a Better Micromachine

August 30, 2015

Plasma electrons emerging from a nozzle to form a microelectronic structure that is only as wide as a strand of human hair (Image Credit: SOUVIK GHOSH)  To get a sense of how Christian Zorman and his colleagues aim to create a [more...]

Lab-on-a-chip Flow Cytometry

August 23, 2015

Even a very small number of pathogens can cause severe threat towards food safety. Due to increased safety concerns, there is a high demand for fast and sensitive methods for the detection of microbial contaminants in the food processing [more...]

Google Wants to Cure Diseases

August 21, 2015

Google’s smart contract lens When Google Co-Founder Larry Page dropped his now-famous blog post revealing that Google was reorganizing itself as Alphabet, one of the most striking things was what he chose to highlight as the kind [more...]


August 20, 2015

About the company:  Inzign partnered up with Singapore’s leading manufacturing technology research institute (SIMTech) to serve the fast growing lab-on-chip / microfluidic industry. Our microfluidics capability includes injection [more...]

5 Things To Consider Before Walking Out On Your Job

August 16, 2015

Keeping emotions in check, particularly when you are fed up at your job, can be tough to do. But if you let it get the best of you and quit in anger or in a rage it can come back to bite you. Lots of people at some point have fantasized [more...]

5 Rules of Salary Negotiation

August 16, 2015

Are you hoping to receive an awesome job offer? Are you praying that your employer will give you a raise in 2015? Whether it’s the fear of being perceived as pushy or feeling uncomfortable about the negotiation process, professionals are [more...]

Rice, Penn State Open Center for 2-D Coatings

August 16, 2015

An atom-thick Rice Owl (scale bar equals 100 micrometers) created in 2013 demonstrated an ability to make fine patterns in a hybrid graphene/hexagonal boron nitride material. Rice researchers led by materials scientists Jun Lou and [more...]

Introduction to BioMEMS

August 16, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Author: Albert Folch Helping to educate the new generation of engineers and biologists, Introduction to BioMEMS explains how certain problems in biology and medicine benefit from and often [more...]

BioMEMS: Science and Engineering Perspectives

August 15, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Authors:  Simona Badilescu, Muthukumaran Packirisamy Summary As technological advancements widen the scope of applications for biomicroelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS or biomicrosystems), [more...]

Capturing Cell Growth in 3D with Microfluidic Device

August 15, 2015

AIM Biotech’s microfluidics device (shown here) has an array of culturing sections, each with three chambers: a middle chamber for hydrogel and any cell type, and two side channels for culturing additional cell types. Replicating how [more...]

Male or Female: The Difference Is in the Brain?

August 15, 2015

Catherine S. Woolley, a professor of neurobiology at Northwestern Univ.’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, refused to study sex differences in the brain for 20 years. But in 2012, she discovered estrogens decreased inhibitory [more...]

Nano-Optomechanical Resonators in Microfluidics

August 15, 2015

Microwheel resonator integrated in microfluidic system (Image Credit: Tang et al) Scientists at Yale University in the US have made a nano-optomechanical resonator that can weigh objects as light as a few attograms. The device, which works [more...]
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