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March 2017

[Startup] Yale spin-off Fluid-Screen Inc.

March 27, 2017

Fluid-Screen, Inc. is a startup pursuing a mission to provide safer living for millions of people globally, while building a significant, valuable company.  They are commercializing a technology developed at Yale University that can [more...]

FDA OKs Insulin Pump Plus Glucose Monitor System

March 26, 2017

The FDA has approved Medtronic’s new diabetes management system, which takes patients one step closer to the elusive goal of an artificial pancreas. The new MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System does not entirely close the loop [more...]

Magnetic Digital Microfluidics – A Review

March 26, 2017

A digital microfluidic platform manipulates droplets on an open surface. Magnetic digital microfluidics utilizes magnetic forces for actuation and offers unique advantages compared to other digital microfluidic platforms. First, the [more...]