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Single cell analysis

Microfluidics for Single Cell Analysis of CTCs

July 16, 2017

In a move away from the previous belief that cell populations are homogeneous and display identical molecular characteristics, increasingly scientists are turning their attention to the study of single cells and the differences between [more...]

Single Cell Analysis

May 13, 2017

 Book Description Amazon Link | Springer Link Authors: J. Paul Robinson, Andrea Cossarizza  2017  Springer  Summary This book highlights the current state of the art in single cell analysis, an area that involves many fields of [more...]

BD Launches Reagents to Simplify Single Cell Research

January 22, 2017

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (BDX), a leading global medical technology company, today (Jan 17th 2017) announced the commercial availability of its new kits that provide an easier method to identify and quantify genetic information [more...]