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Microfluidics in the Clinical Lab

December 28, 2016

From Admin: In this article, the author uses non-tech analogies from everyday life to explain some key microfluidics principles that govern the behaviors of flow in micro scale domain. The advantages of using microfluidics system have been [more...]

Google Wants to Cure Diseases

August 21, 2015

Google’s smart contract lens When Google Co-Founder Larry Page dropped his now-famous blog post revealing that Google was reorganizing itself as Alphabet, one of the most striking things was what he chose to highlight as the kind [more...]

Scaffold-integrated Microchips Retrieve Cancer Cells

August 7, 2015

An integrated microfluidic chip design with an embedded 3-D hydrogel scaffold provides a transfer-rable microenvironment for the recovery and longitudinal study of captured circulating tumor cells. (Image Credit: TECHNOLOGY) A team of [more...]