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May 2015

Can We Identify Every Kind of Cell in the Body?

May 28, 2015

A microfluidic device (at center) can carry out experiments on individual cells (Image Credit: MIT Tech Review) How many types of cells are there in the human body? Textbooks say a couple of hundred. But the true number is undoubtedly far [more...]

Advice to A Young Scientist

May 27, 2015

From Science Magazine (Image Credit: Hal Mayforth)  In these days of increased competition and uncertain career prospects in academia, it is easy for young scientists to forget why they do science in the first place. But too much career [more...]

Nanoparticles: Great Promise Against Cancer

May 27, 2015

The advancement of nanotechnology in the past decade has driven the development of numerous medical applications. None of them is as promising as the use of targeted nanoparticles aimed to improve the treatment of cancer, which has serious [more...]

Device Can Measure The Distribution of Tiny Particles

May 17, 2015

A suspended microchannel resonator (SMR) measures particles’ masses as they flow through a narrow channel. The original mass sensor consists of a fluid-filled microchannel etched in a tiny silicon cantilever that vibrates inside a vacuum [more...]

Automated Counting of Tumor Cells in Blood

May 17, 2015

The measuring channel that forms the key component of the cytometer is visible on the right-hand side of the image. (Photo Credit: Fraunhofer ICT-IMM)  Biological and medical scientists have been using flow cytometry to count cancer [more...]

Unibody Lab-on-a-chip Fast Prototyping

May 10, 2015

Author: Germán Comina, Anke Suska and Daniel Filippini Optical Devices Laboratory (ODL) Linkoping University, Sweden Introduction: The development of disposable devices for optical chemical detection with cell phones, entail challenging [more...]
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