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Tumor Cells

CYTO 2016

June 11, 2016

INNOVATION: Image and Flow Technology Automated Microscopy Automated Sample Preparation Computation and Informatics Cell sorting and selection Facility management Flow cytometry instrumentation High content analysis High throughput [more...]

Detecting Cancer Cells Before They Form Metastases

November 25, 2015

Target cells (green) stick to the microarray platform (red). (Credit: Michael Hirtz / KIT) Many tumors spread: Single cancer cells migrate with blood flow through the body before they settle in new tissue. In this way, metastases may be [more...]

Capturing Cell Growth in 3D with Microfluidic Device

August 15, 2015

AIM Biotech’s microfluidics device (shown here) has an array of culturing sections, each with three chambers: a middle chamber for hydrogel and any cell type, and two side channels for culturing additional cell types. Replicating how [more...]

Scaffold-integrated Microchips Retrieve Cancer Cells

August 7, 2015

An integrated microfluidic chip design with an embedded 3-D hydrogel scaffold provides a transfer-rable microenvironment for the recovery and longitudinal study of captured circulating tumor cells. (Image Credit: TECHNOLOGY) A team of [more...]

Single-Cell Proteomics Is in the Chips

July 28, 2015

At Northeastern University, researchers are developing ScanDrop, a lab-on-a-chip biosensor approach that utilizes a well-mixed microfluidic device and a microsphere-based assay capable of performing near real-time diagnostics. ScanDrop has [more...]

Microfluidic Chip Isolates Rare Tumor Cells

July 2, 2015

Love holds a microfluidic device, developed in Hidde Ploegh’s lab, that resembles a tiny ice cube tray, with individual compartments for each cell. Love and Ploegh designed the device, which can be used to isolate many individual [more...]

Microfluidics’ Watershed Moment

June 28, 2015

The HµRELflow™ cell-based assay system has three microfluidic devices on a biochip. Each device incorporates two cell culture compartments interconnected by microscale channels. Integrated micropumps recirculate culture media within the [more...]

Flow Cytometry On-a-Chip

June 10, 2015

IT’S MAGNETIC: Hakho Lee’s CTC counter features eight micro-Hall elements (yellow crosses, above), staggered to maximize detection accuracy. (Photo Credit: D. ISSADORE ET AL.) Originally an immunology tool and a fixture of cell [more...]

Nanoparticles: Great Promise Against Cancer

May 27, 2015

The advancement of nanotechnology in the past decade has driven the development of numerous medical applications. None of them is as promising as the use of targeted nanoparticles aimed to improve the treatment of cancer, which has serious [more...]

Automated Counting of Tumor Cells in Blood

May 17, 2015

The measuring channel that forms the key component of the cytometer is visible on the right-hand side of the image. (Photo Credit: Fraunhofer ICT-IMM)  Biological and medical scientists have been using flow cytometry to count cancer [more...]