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October 2015

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation Selects Illumina

October 30, 2015

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genotyping technologies are revolutionizing animal breeding. Traditional animal breeding relies on scoring animals based on their observed physical characteristics (phenotype) to determine their [more...]

The Lab-on-Chip Revolution: Finding the Right Niche

October 24, 2015

To trim costs and simplify the design of microfluidic devices, USC’s Krisna Bhargava has harnessed 3D printing to produce modular, Lego-style components for housing the elements of microfluidic systems. In laboratories ranging from [more...]

MEMS Sensors for Biomedical Device Applications

October 22, 2015

Shown are different pressure sensor designs—each tailored to customers’ neeeds—on a single RocketMEMS semicustom wafer. The smallest pressure sensors in the lower left corner are approximately 300 µm wide (Image credit: [more...]

Nanosheet Flow Meters Find Sensor Stability

October 21, 2015

Nanosheets have a surface-texture advantage (image credit: Anna Demming) The ability to monitor fluid flow is crucial for a number of applications but current methods use ‘hot wires’ that are brittle and prone to break under operating [more...]

Mini DNA Sequencer Tests True

October 15, 2015

Oxford Nanopore’s MinION™ USB-attached miniature sensing device.  (Image Credit: Oxford Nanopore Technologies)  The MinION, a handheld DNA-sequencing device developed by Oxford Nanopore, has been tested and evaluated by an [more...]

Here’s Why Nobody’s Talking About Nanotech Anymore

October 11, 2015

A micro reactor from glass of the iX-factory GmbH for cost-efficient and danger-reduced mixing of chemicals in the chemical industry (Credit: Kevin Kelleher, Time) Of all the investment fads and manias over the past few decades, none have [more...]

Pharma and Drug Delivery Developments Combine

October 11, 2015

Both micro manufacturing techniques and materials advancements are constantly driving innovation in pharmaceutical devices, combination devices, and drug delivery. The medical device sector is constantly pushing the drive towards [more...]

Microfluidic Device Lets The Drop Beat

October 7, 2015

The hanging drops are connected through 200μm-wide channels (Image: Chemistry World)  Scientists in Switzerland have incorporated pulsing human heart tissue into a microfluidic device to make a miniscule model of a living system that [more...]

Creating Microchannels with a 3-D Printer

October 5, 2015

Bionanotechnologists from Wageningen University have developed a new, inexpensive way to make microfluidic devices without using costly materials or cleanroom facilities. The technique, which uses a 3D printer and Lego plastic, is called [more...]
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