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Gene Sequencing

New Technology Illuminates Microbial Dark Matter

October 29, 2017

At Stanford University, researchers have used a new microfluidic analysis system to extract 29 novel microbial genomes (the complete set of genetic material) from samples from two Yellowstone National Park hot springs. They extracted the [more...]

A Review of Droplet-Sequencing

May 14, 2017

Cells, the building blocks of tissues, organs, and organisms, vary broadly in type and state. Today, the lack of information about cellular diversity in complex tissues leads researchers to find new ways of single-cell analysis and [more...]

Cheap DNA Sequencing Is Here. Writing DNA Is Next

November 23, 2015

At Twist Bioscience’s office in San Francisco, CEO Emily Leproust pulled out of her tote bag two things she carries around everywhere: a standard 96-well plastic plate ubiquitous in biology labs and her company’s invention, a silicon [more...]

Human Whole Genome Sequencing

November 2, 2015

There are 6 billion stories in the human genome. If you want to read one of them, you’re going to need a sequencer. But, what to sequence? Researchers interested in the mysteries of the human genome have three options: targeted [more...]

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation Selects Illumina

October 30, 2015

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genotyping technologies are revolutionizing animal breeding. Traditional animal breeding relies on scoring animals based on their observed physical characteristics (phenotype) to determine their [more...]

10X Genomics Emerges With $80M

January 25, 2015

10X Genomics first product (Image Credit: 10x Genomics) Making Illumina’s industry-leading gene sequencing machines better? There’s an app for that. That’s the shorthand pitch from fresh-from-stealth sequencing company 10X Genomics, [more...]