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November 2015

Detecting Cancer Cells Before They Form Metastases

November 25, 2015

Target cells (green) stick to the microarray platform (red). (Credit: Michael Hirtz / KIT) Many tumors spread: Single cancer cells migrate with blood flow through the body before they settle in new tissue. In this way, metastases may be [more...]

Catching Circulating Tumor Cells

November 25, 2015

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) give a valuable insight into tumor progression and metastasis. Therefore, it is important to detect, capture, and analyze CTCs in the blood of patients with malignant tumors. In their review, Yong-Qiang Li [more...]

Cheap DNA Sequencing Is Here. Writing DNA Is Next

November 23, 2015

At Twist Bioscience’s office in San Francisco, CEO Emily Leproust pulled out of her tote bag two things she carries around everywhere: a standard 96-well plastic plate ubiquitous in biology labs and her company’s invention, a silicon [more...]


November 22, 2015

About the company: System-Oriented High-End Solutions for Research and Production. Based on its range of ultra-precise and pulsation-free neMESYS syringe pumps and expanded by a full line of modular Qmix micro-reaction devices, CETONI has [more...]

Visualizing Single Cell Growth Dynamics

November 15, 2015

Using a robust microfluidic system for visualizing cellular dynamics The Science Asymmetrical growth is a property of many types of cells in organisms as diverse as algae, fungi, plants and animals. Among the organisms that employ [more...]

Using Microfluidic Devices to Sort Stem Cells

November 11, 2015

An overview of the process. After the cell sample is pumped through the device, the sorted single cells are collected at the outlet and cultured in a low serum media to promote differentiation. While there are no cures for neurological [more...]

An Easy Test for Sickle Cell Disease

November 8, 2015

A new device developed by University of Connecticut biomedical engineers provides a simple, inexpensive, and quick test for the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease using a common smartphone. (Credit: Peter Morenus/UConn Photo) [more...]

Microscopic Pumps Made From Trapped Bacteria

November 4, 2015

Five confined bacteria create a measurable fluid flow, as shown by the colour-coded trajectories on the right Scientists in China have trapped bacteria in 3D-printed structures and used them to pump materials along customised paths. [more...]

Drug Delivery On The Go: Device Design Considerations

November 3, 2015

Wearable devices are changing the world of drug delivery, emerging as solutions for chronic disease management and offering patients reprieve from the burden associated with frequent injections and bulky ambulatory devices.  Diabetes care [more...]
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