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April 2016

Design Contest Aims to Advance MEMS

April 17, 2016

EDA software and foundry services companies are collaborating with a German university to organize a two-year design contest to explore the integration of MEMS and CMOS. Cadence, X-Fab, Coventor and Reutlingen University are sponsoring the [more...]

Using Chip Technology To Detect And Prevent Diseases

April 17, 2016

The overlap between semiconductor technology and medicine is growing, creating the same kinds of economies of scale that have fueled the semiconductor industry for the past five decades. While technology has long held a place in the [more...]

Custom-sized Nanocontainers Help Drug Delivery

April 17, 2016

In a recently patented NIST method for making precisely sized nanoscale capsules, a stream of fluid (isopropyl alcohol) containing dissolved biomolecules (the building blocks for the capsules) is focused by streams of water on either side. [more...]

Microfluidics, A New Way for Cosmetics

April 9, 2016

Microfluidic Textures Video (Image Credit: Capsum) A pioneer in the field of Microfluidics, Capsum is the world-first cosmetic company to apply the principles of Microfluidics for the industry. Capsum engineered novel cold manufacturing [more...]