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Microfluidics, A New Way for Cosmetics

Microfluidic Textures Video (Image Credit: Capsum)

A pioneer in the field of Microfluidics, Capsum is the world-first cosmetic company to apply the principles of Microfluidics for the industry. Capsum engineered novel cold manufacturing processes enabling continuous encapsulation of ingredients while assembling finish products drop-by-drop. Its flagship products include SoftDrop, C-Bulles and C-Pearls, based on microfluidics technology.

SoftDrop™ skincare products are entirely made of invisible capsules obtained by Microfluidics. Brimming with active ingredients, the microdroplets of oil are protected by a self-assembled membrane. When applied, the oil is released through imperceptible shearing forces. This feels like a voluptuous cascade of sensations on the skin. Step by step, the freshness of water is followed by the softness of oil, culminating in an elegant silky finish.

C-Bulles™-The Capsum Bulles represent a technological breakthrough that has so far been unthinkable, transforming a simple emulsion into a luxurious substance. Identical macroscopic droplets of oil, manufactured one by one using Microfluidics, are suspended in an aqueous gel. Their transient membrane protects active ingredients or fragrances, avoiding the need for any added surfactants. As a result, the Bulles delicately burst, leaving no residue on the skin and offering only the best qualities of oil and water.

C-Peals-Capsum commercializes finished products with cosmetic pearls made using unique technology and new manufacturing processes. Similar to caviar with their ultra thin membrane and their multi-phase fluid core, these pearls are a new approach to formulation.  For more information, please visit


Cosmetics using microfluidics technology (Image credit: Capsum)