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On-Chip Sorting

A Fast Cell Sorter Shrinks to Cell Phone Size

September 22, 2015

Drawing of blood components being separated by sound waves (Image Image: Tony Jun Huang/Penn State) Commercial fluorescence activated cell sorters have been highly successful in the past 40 years at rapidly and accurately aiding medical [more...]

Flow Cytometry On-a-Chip

June 10, 2015

IT’S MAGNETIC: Hakho Lee’s CTC counter features eight micro-Hall elements (yellow crosses, above), staggered to maximize detection accuracy. (Photo Credit: D. ISSADORE ET AL.) Originally an immunology tool and a fixture of cell [more...]

Microfluidic Deformability-Based Cell Separation

November 2, 2014

Cell deformability is an important emerging bio-marker for a number of disease states. Deformability is indicative of underlying membrane, cytoskeletal or nuclear changes associated with a wide range of cell functional changes, such as [more...]

Downsize Your Cell Sorting with Microfluidics

September 2, 2014

Author: Josh P. Roberts Since the 1960s, cell sorters have enabled researchers to tease apart differences in cells’ immunological makeup and gene and protein expression. More recently, fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS, [more...]

IMEC On-Chip Single Cell Sorter

August 27, 2014

Imagine a tool the size of a credit card that can analyze single cells with a throughput of more than 2 million cells per second. Moreover, the tool retains each cell of interest for downstream molecular analysis. The first steps towards [more...]

Sorting Cancer Cells with Acoustic Waves

August 27, 2014

Researchers from MIT, Pennsylvania State University, and Carnegie Mellon University have devised a new way to separate cells by exposing them to sound waves as they flow through a tiny channel. Their device, about the size of a dime, could [more...]