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EVG Nanoimprint Lithography Technology

A 6″ full area nanoimprinted wafer, processed by EVG NIL solutions

EVG’s SmartNIL technology stands out the company in the UV nanoimprint lithography market. In conjunction with a multi-use softstamp technology, SmartNIL provides unprecedented throughput, while maintaining maintenance-friendly operation and scalability with cost of ownership advantages.  The innovative technology realizes a low-cost and high- volume nanoimprint lithography technique for mass production of LEDs, photonics, optics, advanced data storage, as well as biotechnology devices such as microfluidics.

Technical Specifications of SmartNIL™ Imprint Technology: 

Parameter SmartNIL™
Resolution 40nm in HVM; down to sub 15nm in R&D
Throughput > 60 units per hour
Light Source Broadband exposure
Automated Separation Integrated
Inert Gas Printing Integrated
Multi-use Polymer Stamps > 100 imprints/ stamp
Stamp Fabrication Integrated
Open Material Platform Open for all commercially available imprint materials
Alignment Optional top side alignment

Key Features of SmartNIL™ Imprint Technology

SmartNIL technology in first print mode delivers a throughput of > 60 units/hour, making it the fastest full substrate soft UV-NIL solution in the world. The following are the key features of SmartNIL™ Imprint Technology:

  • Imprint over topographies
  • Top side alignment
  • Optical clearance with no visible vacuum lines in active imprint area

Key Features of SmartNIL™ Stamp Technology

  • Helps achieving the lowest cumulated processing costs
  • Addresses cost and service life of incoming master stamp, a key characteristic in nanoimprint lithography
  • Long range structure distortion and thermal mismatch can be avoided, thanks to room temperature and integrated stamp fabrication
  • Low surface adhesion material facilitates isolation of substrate and stamp, while reducing friction
  • Self cleaning properties of flexible stamp enable less particle sensitive imprint process with better overall processing yield
  • Fabrication of SmartNIL stamps takes only minutes when compared to a PDMS casting process that takes 24 hours

Figure 1. Top image: SmartNIL™ replicated 150 mm substrate with 400nm dots. Left image: SEM close up of 400nm replicated dots.


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