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Reliability of Devices Based on Microfluidics, Invitation to Participate in a Survey

Dear Colleague,

Through discussions with experts on microfluidics we became aware of the fact that reliability is a major issue for users of devices based on microfluidics. We strongly believe that a discussion about this topic would help the industry. Such a discussion can lead to more awareness of the problems, can trigger the supply chain to improve their products and may lead to industry wide accepted quality standards. With this in mind the organizations behind the MFManufacturing project decided to address this issue.

It is very important to learn the opinion of the designers and users about this topic. You are therefore invited to participate in our survey concerning reliability of devices and components based on microfluidics.  It will take only a couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire, and, as a token of thanks, you will receive a summary report of this survey’s results. As we understand that reliability of the products might be a sensitive issue for an organization, we ensure you that your input will be treated with full confidentiality. Your information will be coded and will remain confidential.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Please start with the survey now by going to:

This survey is performed within the MFManufacturing project, which is funded by the European ENIAC (now ECSEL) Joint Undertaking.

Best regards,

Henne van Heeren

enablingMNT -the Netherlands

0031 78 6300748

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