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May 2018

A Faster Way to Make Drug Microparticles

May 15, 2018

Pharmaceuticals owe their effects mostly to their chemical composition, but the packaging of these drugs into specific physical formulations also needs to be done to exact specifications. For example, many drugs are encapsulated in solid [more...]

Ink-jet Printing Promises Neural Precision

May 15, 2018

Researchers led by Patrick Smith of the University of Sheffield in the UK recently showed that they could print neuronal and other types of biological cells using a piezoelectric ink-jet printer. The neuronal cells printed with the [more...]


May 6, 2018

About the company:  ZEG-MED is a global manufacturing, engineering and designing company that offers fluidics products to clients around the world. They specialize in diffusion bonded manifolds, solvent bonded manifolds, and plastic/light [more...]

Precision Waveguides with Inkjet Printing

May 6, 2018

Scientists at a Swiss laboratory have demonstrated an inkjet method for precise printing of tiny optical components such as waveguides (Opt. Express, doi:10.1364/OE.26.011934). The new technique leverages capillary forces—instead of [more...]

Minitech Machinery

May 5, 2018

About the company: Minitech Machinery providers a variety of desktop CNC manufacturing systems and also provides service and support for micro-machining. Their machines are compatible with Visual Mill (CAM) and Solidworks. They gain market [more...]