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Cytena Announced a Series of Three New Single-cell Printers

The isolation, sorting and analysis of single biological cells has been rapidly gaining attention in the life-science sector over the last couple of years. cytena’s single-cell printing technology has rapidly gained adoption by the pharmaceutical industry for clonal cell line development as well as for single-cell analysis. Compared to alternative technologies, cytena’s unique advantages include fast and gentle handling of even the most sensitive cell types, and a single-use disposable printing cartridge to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, the systems acquire and store microscope images of each printed cell for post-analysis. The data provides assurance of clonality, which is a major criteria for clinical approval procedures in the pharmaceutical industry.

cytena is extending their product range in 2018 with the x.sight series. The three new laboratory devices use the proven single-cell printing technology and are specially-customized to address various applications. The c.sightdevice is tailor-made for two applications: cell line development and single-cell genomics. Thanks to its new design, the c.sight can now be operated outside of a sterile bench. The enclosed system further minimizes contamination of your sample and substrate during the printing process. The f.sight device is equipped with a novel dual camera system that allows capturing bright field and fluorescence information simultaneously at full resolution. Both cameras can be controlled independently, and the built-in, powerful laser is also freely adjustable. Together, their high dynamic range allows you to visualize even the weakest fluorophores. The b.sight device for the first time makes it possible to print single-bacteria using the single-cell printing technology. It enables microbial cell isolation in the sub-micron range. The extremely high-resolution optics with inline illumination makes even the smallest prokaryotic cells visible. No staining or labeling is required. Furthermore, all cytena instruments, the single-cell printer and the x.sight devices will come with an all new and more powerful software package. It is simple and intuitive to use and includes a whole set of new, automatic features. On the single-cell printer, the software now allows for integration into automated robotic platforms. Together, the launch of the x.sight™ series provides fast and easy single-cell isolation that is compatible across various biological samples and with common downstream assays.

“The launch of our new x.sight series is a technological milestone. In recent years, we have listened to our customers intensively.” Explains Andre Gross, CTO of cytena, adding “cytena is very proud to be able to serve new, state-of-the-art applications and to offer its customers an even wider range of technological possibilities.”

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