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Nanomedical Diagnostics Releases Report on Affinity Ranking for Hit Validation

Agile R100

Nanomedical Diagnostics, leading manufacturer of graphene biosensors that accelerate pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics development, released a report for biochemists and chemists entitled, “Affinity Ranking of Small Molecules SPD304, Evans Blue, and Trypan Blue Against TNFα Using Agile R100,” describing a novel orthogonal method for verifying compounds during hit validation.

Affinity ranking is crucial in the hit validation stage of drug discovery, but current assay techniques have limitations including labels that cause unwanted interactions, limited dynamic range which inhibits accurate analysis, or large amounts of confounding background noise caused by solvents. This report presents a breakthrough assay troubleshooting tool, Agile R100, which circumvents those problems with an innovative electrical technique called Field Effect Biosensing (FEB). FEB is label-free, has an 11-log dynamic range, and is unaffected by complex samples that are difficult to measure with optical methods, making Agile R100 a compelling alternate approach to confirm rank ordering performed with IC/EC50 values.

“In generating data for our reports, at times we’ve found that no assay adjustment is needed between running the original ELISA and confirming the assay with Agile R100,” says Nanomedical Diagnostics CEO, Ross Bundy. “This makes Agile R100 a true quick-check troubleshooting tool with the potential to port protocol directly from the assay that’s being verified.”

This report covers: 

  •     Kinetic characterization of three small molecule inhibitor compounds interacting with a cytokine target as measured by Agile R100.
  •     Rank ordering using Agile R100 affinity values is shown, matching the rank order achieved with IC50 values.
  •     Dose-response curves for a small molecule compound interacting with the cytokine target in varying concentrations of solvent are also shown, depicting impartiality to solvents.

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About Nanomedical Diagnostics

Nanomedical Diagnostics (“Nanomed”) is a life science company based in San Diego, CA. Nanomed has developed a breakthrough electrical assay based on proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology that delivers sensitive label-free kinetic characterization of biomolecular interactions for accelerated drug discovery. As the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of next-generation graphene biosensors, Nanomed’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry with innovative new products that enable cutting-edge life science research, drug discovery applications, and portable diagnostic and health monitoring platforms.

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