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Pressure Measurement and Control Anywhere in Your Microfluidic Setup

The Elveflow microfluidic pressure capillary sensor can be plugged anywhere in your microfluidic setup in order to record pressure on your computer and control the flow subsequently thanks to Elveflow pressure pumps. The pressure sensors are designed to fit Elveflow® microfluidic pressure pumps.

These first-rate microfluidic pressure sensors are compatible with both gases and liquids (limited only to media compatible with polyetherimide, silicon, and fluorosilicone seals) and with 3/32 ID tubing (Large package version) or 10-32 fittings for 1/16 OD tubing (Small package version). The small package version has been especially designed for an ultra-small internal volume down to 7.5 µL making it an ideal match for microfluidic applications.


Figure 1. Elveflow microfluidic pressure sensor  (Image credit: Elveflow Microfluidics

With a 20 ms settling time, a precise pressure measurement down to 0.2 % full scale, several pressure ranges from 5 psi (340 mBar) to 100 psi (7 bar) and no dead volume, the microfluidic pressure sensors allow you to obtain a high accuracy flow by measuring and controlling pressure anywhere in your setup. More details can be found in this datasheet MPS-Elveflow Microfluidic Pressure Sensor. Our liquid pressure sensors are equipped with an M8 electrical connection and can be used with MSR – Microfluidic Sensor Reader to monitor pressure in the Elveflow® software. The microfluidic pressure sensors can be combined with other Elveflow® instruments

The sensor must be plugged at the desired position of the setup. There are many ways to use the sensor depending on the instruments used in each specific setup. Here is an example of utilization of the sensor and here is an example of device that can be coupled with the sensor. Many tutorials are available on the website to help users installing their setup and our team is always available to answer specific questions and support customers.
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