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Chanel unveils results of microfluidics research in new launch Hydra Beauty Micro Crème

Hydra Beauty Micro Crème (Image Credit: Chanel) 

Chanel has unveiled the latest fruits of its research into microfluidics with the launch of a new skin care treatment, the first to contain camellia micro-droplets.

The French fashion house partnered with start-up Capsum to meet new technological challenges in the microfluidics sphere, developing a microfluidic cream that can be packaged in a jar; a smooth texture, which combines visible and invisible droplets stabilized by ‘molecular velcro tapes’ for comfortable application; and tailoring machines and production lines to ensure homogenous distribution without splitting the delicate droplets.

“This is an example of successful co-development between Chanel and a start-up,” said Christian Mahé, Senior Vice President of Chanel Beauty Research and Innovation. “This microfluids innovation platform is capable of broadening the scope of possibilities (new technologies, new visuals, new textures…) to develop tomorrow’s cosmetics.”  

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Source: Global Cosmetics News



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