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Lab-on-Chip platform technologies for Point-of-Care testing and Cell Culturing


Mark Olde Riekerink, Monica Brivio, Elvin Vrouwe and Marko Blom


Lab-on-a-chip technologies are increasingly and successfully being applied in many application fields within chemistry and life science, including (bio)chemical analysis, molecular diagnostics, immunochemistry, cell sorting and analysis, drug screening and cell culturing , just to name a few.

As a world leader in the development and manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip components, Micronit Microfluidics has developed over the years a portfolio of platform technologies that can be used to provide our customers with microfluidic-based platforms for transferring assays and protocols to a microfluidic format. Point-of-care diagnostics and cell culturing are important application areas where lab-on-a-chip technologies are successfully being employed.

This presentation focuses on the latest advances in lab-on-a-chip platform technologies, such as integrated passive (capillary) and active (membrane) flow control elements, sample preparation tools and sensor integration that Micronit has developed for applications within for example point-of-care diagnostics and cell culturing. As an illustration of the applicability of these platform technologies a few examples of lab-on-a-chip demonstrators developed within research projects are also described.



  • Introduction Micronit
  • Lab-on-chip platform technology:
    • Point-of-Care devices:
      • Integrated flow control
      • Sensor integration
      • Sample preparation
    • Cell culturing:
      • Resealable flowcells (Organ-on-chip platform)
      • Oxygen-impermeable biochip
      • TissueGEN project

Introduction Micronit

  • Micronit Microfluidics BV founded in 1999
  • Location : Enschede, The Netherlands
  • University of Twente: Hot spot of micro- & nanotechnology
  • 800 customers in > 50 countries worldwide
  • About 55 employees and growing
  • Highly educated multi-disciplinary team
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified

Core business

  • Easy-to-use microfluidic kits to get started
  • Off-the-shelf standard microfluidic chip modules
  • Custom (rapid) prototyping & low-volume manufacturing
  • Co-engineering
  • Design for manufacturing (multiple iterations)
  • Microfluidics know-how
  • High-accuracy / reproducible micromachining
  • Quality control and functional testing
  • High-volume manufacturing capabilities