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About the company: 

Inzign partnered up with Singapore’s leading manufacturing technology research institute (SIMTech) to serve the fast growing lab-on-chip / microfluidic industry. Our microfluidics capability includes injection molding of microfluidics chip with fine channels, flat & low stress  thermoplastic chip, microfluidics with Nano-surfaces etc. Inzign has the capability to perform various bonding methods of the chips including thermal bonding, laser welding & ultrasonic welding. All operations are carried out in a dedicated 10k cleanroom for microfluidics application. From design to manufacturing to assembly & packaging, we are your preferred partner in plastic microfluidics/lab-on-a-chip contract manufacturing.                 

Contact Information: 
Inzign Pte Ltd 
16 Kallang Place #02-10 
Kallang Basin Industrial Estate, 
Singapore 339156 
Tel: +65-6296-5996
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