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Cell Smasher

February 18, 2017

Real-time on chip mechanical analysis with micro hammer(Image credit: UCSB) The world’s tiniest hammer will allow UCSB researchers to get a cellular-level understanding of what happens when force is applied to brain cells.  We’re all [more...]

A Fast Cell Sorter Shrinks to Cell Phone Size

September 22, 2015

Drawing of blood components being separated by sound waves (Image Image: Tony Jun Huang/Penn State) Commercial fluorescence activated cell sorters have been highly successful in the past 40 years at rapidly and accurately aiding medical [more...]

Microfluidic Chip Isolates Rare Tumor Cells

July 2, 2015

Love holds a microfluidic device, developed in Hidde Ploegh’s lab, that resembles a tiny ice cube tray, with individual compartments for each cell. Love and Ploegh designed the device, which can be used to isolate many individual [more...]