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Editor: Dr. Hongrui Jiang

The study and application of microscale lenses and lens arrays have been actively researched in recent
years; new approaches in the fabrication of microlenses and microlens arrays have emerged. Also, novel
applications of these microlenses and microlens arrays have been demonstrated. In an effort to disseminate the current advances in this specialized field of microlenses and microlens arrays, and to encourage discussion on the future research directions while stimulating research interests in this area, a Special Issue of Micromachines has been dedicated to “Microlenses”. 

This Special Issue presents a total of ten papers covering most of the active areas of research in microlenses and microlens arrays. Specifically, eight papers are on the fabrication and characterization of microlenses and microlens arrays, one focuses on integration of microlenses into complex micro-optical modules, and the last one deals with the super-hydrophobic surface that is often important to realize droplet-based microlenses.  The fabrication and realization of microlenses and microlens arrays reported in these papers, cover a wide range of mechanisms, technologies, materials, and optical designs. 


Table of Contents 

  • Preface: Special Issue on Microlenses
  • Fast-Response Liquid Crystal Microlens
  • Simulation Study on Polarization-Independent Microlens Arrays Utilizing Blue
    Phase Liquid Crystals with Spatially-Distributed Kerr Constants
  • Adaptive Liquid Lens Actuated by Droplet Movement
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible Electrowetting on Dielectrics
    (EWOD) Microlens
  • CO2 Laser Manufacturing of Miniaturised Lenses for Lab-on-a-Chip Systems
  • An Optofluidic Lens Array Microchip for High Resolution Stereo Microscopy
  • Fabrication of Polydimethylsiloxane Microlenses Utilizing Hydrogel Shrinkage
    and a Single Molding Step
  • Bio-Inspired Wide-Angle Broad-Spectrum Cylindrical Lens Based on Reflections from
    Micro-Mirror Array on a Cylindrical Elastomeric Membrane
  • Wafer-Level Hybrid Integration of Complex Micro-Optical Modules
  • The Five Ws (and one H) of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces in Medicine