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FireflySci Adds New Micro Flow Cell Manufacturing Division for Flow Cytometry

FireflySci Inc. (FFS) is the newest company in the cuvette manufacturing industry.  In just a short time, they are quickly starting to dominate the cuvette market and are now expanding into micro flow cell manufacturing for flow cytometers, cell sorters, and particle analyzers.

A micro flow cell is the heart and soul of a flow cytometer.  These parts are extremely small ranging in size from 50 to 250 microns for the micro channel.  Since the micro cells are so small, not just any company can make them.  Only a few elite companies in the world can make these precious micro cells and FireflySci is proud to be one of them.

FFS has invested a tremendous amount of time and funds into getting the very best cutting edge equipment for their micro flow cell manufacturing.  The manufacturing techniques that FFS uses are not found anywhere else in the world. 

FireflySci has the incredible ability not only to make micro flow cells out of sapphire but also to have those sapphire cells optically contacted, which is the best way to assemble a flow cell.  Every micro flow cell manufactured by FFS is inspected in a Class 5 clean room, ensuring not one speck of dust is found on the optically polished windows and flow channel. 

FireflySci does carry a stock line of micro flow channel cells for clients looking to test their idea.  However, where FireflySci really excels is in custom micro flow cell.  FFS has the ability to make any optical engineers concepts into an easily achievable reality.  All an engineer has to do is simply provide FFS with some rough dimensions or a sketch and FireflySci will make a technical drawing, quote the part, and get it delivered faster than any other micro flow cell company. 

Source:  FireflySci Inc.  and prnewswire