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DEPArray™ Technology to Sort and Isolate Rare Cells with Microfluidics

DEPArray™ technology is based on the ability of a non-uniform electric field to exert forces on neutral, polarizable particles, such as cells, that are suspended in a liquid. This electrokinetic principle, called dielectrophoresis (DEP), can be used to trap cells in DEP “cages” by creating an electric field above a subset of electrodes in an array that is in counter phase with the electric field of adjacent electrodes. When a DEP cage is moved by a change in the electric field pattern, the trapped cell moves with it.

Silicon Biosystems has combined the ability to manipulate individual cells using DEP technology with high quality image-based cell selection to create the DEPArray™ System. This automated platform enables users to identify and recover specific individual cells of interest from complex, heterogeneous samples.

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Unique benefits of DEPArray™ technology include

  • Single Cell Resolution
    DEP cages allow the trapping, manipulation, and recovery of individual cells on theDEPArray™ System.
  • High Fidelity Recovery
    Multiple cells and cell types that may be present in a heterogeneous sample can be selected for collection using DEPArray™ technology.
  • Viability
    Cells are moved without contact or friction. DEP cage movement is gentle and exerts no shear force or strain on cells. The low voltage, megahertz frequency DEP cages impart no electrical or charge-based impact on cells. Recovered cells remain intact and viable for further analysis, including cell culture.



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