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LC Sciences is a global biotechnology company providing products and services to genomics and proteomics researchers across an array of markets for nucleic acid/protein analysis, biomarker-discovery and drug development. Our innovative products and comprehensive services are based on several unique, core technology platforms developed by the scientists here at LC Sciences. For 10 years now, we have been providing researchers with access to innovative technologies that are enabling significant genomics and proteomics discoveries. In addition to basic research, these technologies are being applied in the areas of environmental science, agricultural research, bio-defense, forensics, clinical diagnostics, and drug development. The flexibility and power of these technologies has enabled LC Sciences to deliver a strong value proposition, including a rich product line that continues to grow and diversify, serving these rapidly advancing markets.

µParaflo® Microfluidic Synthesis Platform

April 6, 2015

µParaflo® microfluidic chip (Image Credit: LC Sciences)  A requirement common for all targeted sequencing methods, whether hybridization capture based or multiplex PCR based is a need for large numbers of custom oligonucleotide primers [more...]