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Fluigent New Microflow Controller, FLOW EZ™

Fluigent released a new flow controller, FLOW EZ™ recently.  Based on Fluigent official website, a few new features are as follows:

  1. Flow controller 
  • Straightforward connections to any microfluidic device
  • Hot plug and play connections between Flow EZ™ modules
  • No PC required

2. Get results rapidly

  • Highest pressure stability
  • Fastest settling time
  • Best pressure resolution

3. Expandability concept

  • Start with one, add more modules as necessary
  • Hot plug and play additional modules
  • Add a FLOW UNIT to measure flow-rate directly

4. Engineered for Microfluidics Lab Bench

  • Most compact microfluidic pump
  • Usable in any position
  • To share with your colleagues

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