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World of Microfluidics European Micro Cup Explainer Videos

The research field of Microfluidics involves the development of technologies for the transport and processing of liquids in structures whose size is in the micrometer range. These technologies form the basis for a variety of applications of microfluidic systems in medical technology, biotechnology, biology and chemistry. They are characterized by their small size, the high parallelization of processes, small sample volumes and significantly lower costs compared to current systems analysis.

The aim of the project Biointense is to optimize biocatalytic reactions by Microfluidics and to enable new functions.
The main focus of EUROMBR is on cooperation between industry and science. EUROMBR offers an integrated training network for innovative applications of Microbioreactors in process development, and promoting cooperation between industry and academia designed mutually. Young scientists get feedback from specialists from industry, how to implement their research in practice.

The three episodes each represent your ticket to a whole new dimension of micro-scale technology. In this episode you will learn how microfluidics work, why it might be safer visiting a micro-arena instead of a macro-arena and how microfluidics will change the future of the scientific game. For more information visit

The so-called love of us “Microfluidics Trilogy” was an exceptionally challenging and fun-bringing project.All three films have become small beads. Definitely the best animated films in which we have worked so far. We are very proud! After this trilogy not only the average taxpayer has a clue of what Microfluidics means. By the football metaphor, in which we have packaged and broken down the complex technical and scientific issues, even your 12 year old daughter has an idea. This is tested! And not only that – they are funny and entertaining and with great attention to detail. The more you look, the more small lovely details you will discover.

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