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Micro milling

Minitech Machinery

May 5, 2018

About the company: Minitech Machinery providers a variety of desktop CNC manufacturing systems and also provides service and support for micro-machining. Their machines are compatible with Visual Mill (CAM) and Solidworks. They gain market [more...]

Micro Moulding Advances

October 4, 2015

Microfluidic Chip from Plastic Design Corporation (All Image Credit in this article: Mark Kinder)  Every year micro fluidic moulders push the envelope to meet the requirements of new analytic technologies. Much of this activity is [more...]

Machining Micro Molds for Medical Devices

September 18, 2015

Machining the micro molds used to make medical devices and components require among the most demanding micro machining applications. A new type of machining platforms is making it possible to machine molds faster, more accurately, and more [more...]

Ultra Highspeed Micromachining with End Mill

October 13, 2014

Ultra Highspeed Micromachining with End Mill from Mohawk Innovative Technology. This micromachining approach is useful in fabricating micro structures on mold inserts or some micro components directly on metal substrates, such as aluminum, [more...]