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Flow Configurations in a Y Splitting-Junction Microchannel

Abstract: In the present work, the flow field in a splitting-junction micro channel with a Y shape, which is the simplest geometry to be employed for heat and mass transfer in micro-devices such as micro-heat-exchangers and micro-mixers, is investigated experimentally using micro Particle Image Velocimetry (μPIV). The angular divergence in the Y splitting is changed, as well as the Reynolds number, in order to investigate the instantaneous and mean flow fields to determine which configurations are more suitable for practical applications. The results show that the flow configuration is strongly dependent on the Y shape angle, especially in the junction part, and that there is also a significant dependence on the Reynolds number.

Keywords: micro flow; micro-mixer; Y junction; Reynolds number; micro PIV

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This article belongs to the Special Issue MNF 2016 Special Issue—Micro/Nanofluids

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