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Nomination Deadline for Pioneers of Miniaturization at µTAS 2015

Lab on a Chip will again join forces with Corning Incorporated to award the ninth ‘Pioneers of Miniaturization’ Lectureship at µTAS, including a certificate of recognition and a prize of $5000.

Miniaturization plays a significant role in our daily lives; devices are becoming smaller and smaller, and this trend is set to continue. Current micro and nano fluidic research encompasses many scientific developments and technologies that will increase our understanding of phenomena at the micro and nano scale and potentially have a huge positive impact on our lives in the future. The use of micro and nano fluidic technologies will impact on a diverse range of industries ranging from their use in motor cars, through health improvement applications and to their use in protecting national and environmental security needs.

Nomination Deadline: 10th July 2015

At Lab on a Chip, we strongly believe in this technology and have been willing to show the necessary commitment and financial support to back the development of this research community. It is in this vein we present this award to honor and support the up and coming, next generation pioneers in this field of endeavor. This years lectureship will be presented at the µTAS 2015 Conference in Gyeongju, Korea.

Who should you nominate?

  • Early to mid-career scientists.
  • Scientists who have demonstrated extraordinary or outstanding contributions to the understanding or development of miniaturized systems. This will be judged mainly through their top 1-3 papers and/or an invention documented by patents/or a commercial product. Awards and honorary memberships may also be considered. The awardee is required to give a short lecture at the µTAS Conference in the same year.

Who has won the Pioneers of Miniaturisation Lectureship in the past?

  • The 2014 Pioneers of Miniaturization Lectureship was awarded to Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT.
  • Further information  on past winners can be found on our webpage.

How do I nominate?

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