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September 2015

Microfluidic Chip-Capillary Electrophoresis Devices

September 6, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press  Editor: Dr. Ying Sing Fung Capillary electrophoresis (CE) and microfluidic chip (MC) devices are relatively mature technologies, but this book demonstrates how they can be integrated into a [more...]


September 6, 2015

  Book Description Amazon Link | Wiley Link The goal of this book is to provide engineers and researchers the tools necessary for modelling, experimenting, and simulating these microflows as a preliminary step for designing and [more...]


September 1, 2015

Book Description MDPI Link (Open Access)  Editor: Dr. Hongrui Jiang The study and application of microscale lenses and lens arrays have been actively researched in recent years; new approaches in the fabrication of microlenses and [more...]

3-D-printed Microscopic Fish Do More Than Swim

September 1, 2015

3-D-printed microfish contain functional nanoparticles that enable them to be self-propelled, chemically powered and magnetically steered. The microfish are also capable of removing and sensing toxins. (Image Credit: J. Warner, UC San [more...]

An Engineered Surface Unsticks Sticky Water Droplets

September 1, 2015

The lotus effect has inspired many types of liquid repelling surfaces, but tiny water droplets stick to lotus leaf structures. Now, researchers at Penn State have developed the first nano/micro-textured highly slippery surfaces able to [more...]

Hydrophobic Nanostructures Keep Dry Underwater

September 1, 2015

By mimicking naturally-occurring nanostructures found in things like water striders, spiders and lotus leaves, scientists have created hydrophobic surfaces that could prove invaluable for everything from pipes to boats and submarines. Now [more...]
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