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Microfluidic Methods for Molecular Biology

September 6, 2016

Book Description Amazon Link | Springer Link Authors: Lu, Chang, Verbridge, Scott S May 15th, 2016 Springer  Summary This book covers the state-of-the-art research on molecular biology assays and molecular techniques enabled or enhanced [more...]

Microfluidic Chip-Capillary Electrophoresis Devices

September 6, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press  Editor: Dr. Ying Sing Fung Capillary electrophoresis (CE) and microfluidic chip (MC) devices are relatively mature technologies, but this book demonstrates how they can be integrated into a [more...]


September 6, 2015

  Book Description Amazon Link | Wiley Link The goal of this book is to provide engineers and researchers the tools necessary for modelling, experimenting, and simulating these microflows as a preliminary step for designing and [more...]


September 1, 2015

Book Description MDPI Link (Open Access)  Editor: Dr. Hongrui Jiang The study and application of microscale lenses and lens arrays have been actively researched in recent years; new approaches in the fabrication of microlenses and [more...]

Introduction to BioMEMS

August 16, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Author: Albert Folch Helping to educate the new generation of engineers and biologists, Introduction to BioMEMS explains how certain problems in biology and medicine benefit from and often [more...]

BioMEMS: Science and Engineering Perspectives

August 15, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Authors:  Simona Badilescu, Muthukumaran Packirisamy Summary As technological advancements widen the scope of applications for biomicroelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS or biomicrosystems), [more...]

Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook

August 2, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Author:  John G. Webster  This new edition of the bestselling Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook brings together all aspects of the design and implementation of measurement, [more...]

Biomedical Microsystems

August 2, 2015

Book Description Amazon Link | CRC Press Link Author:  Ellis Meng Poised to dramatically impact human health, biomedical microsystems (bioMEMS) technologies incorporate various aspects from materials science, biology, chemistry, [more...]

Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics

December 27, 2014

Author: Nam-Trung Nguyen Link: Amazon Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics, this newly revised second edition provides electrical and mechanical engineers with complete and current coverage of microfluidics – an emerging field [more...]

Theoretical Microfluidics

December 27, 2014

Author: Henrik Bruus Link: Amazon Microfluidics is a young and rapidly expanding scientific discipline, which deals with fluids and solutions in miniaturized systems, the so-called lab-on-a-chip systems. It has applications in chemical [more...]

Book- Microfluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications

September 9, 2014

Links: Elsevier | Amazon Book Description:  Microfluidics or lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is an important technology suitable for numerous applications from drug delivery to tissue engineering. Microfluidic devices for biomedical applications [more...]