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January 2016

Thermocapillarity in Microfluidics—A Review

January 23, 2016

Figure 1. Surface Marangoni flow induced due to surface temperature gradient from hot to cold region. The flow propagates inside due to drag and reverse flow forms to hold mass conservation (a). Droplet on a solid surface with temperature [more...]

Use of Gelatin As Intermediate Thin Passivating Layer in PDMS Soft Lithography Technology

January 17, 2016

Gabriele Pitingolo1,3, Raffaele Vecchione1,3 and Paolo A. Netti1,2,3 1 Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare, Istituto Italiano di tecnologia ([email protected]), Largo Barsanti e Matteucci, 53, 80125, Naples, Italy. 2 Dipartimento di [more...]

Spermbot Could Help Solve Male Infertility

January 17, 2016

A National Survey of Family Growth found that 7.5 percent of sexually experienced men under the age of 45 have seen a fertility doctor. That percentage correlates to between 3.3 and 4.7 million men. Of those men, around 17 percent were [more...]

Airway-on-a-Chip Models COPD and Asthma

January 2, 2016

A research team at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University leveraged its organ-on-a-chip technology to develop a model of the human small airway in which lung inflammatory diseases, such as chronic [more...]
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