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December 2015

How Taste Is Perceived In The Brain

December 10, 2015

The bitter cortex (red) and sweet cortex (green) are about 2 millimeters apart in the mouse brain. (Charles S. Zuker, Ph.D./Columbia University Medical Center) People and other mammals rely on [more...]

One-Step Tumor Detection on a Chip

December 10, 2015

The molecule binds to the overexpressed cancer receptors on the cells. Cells show distinct behavior when bound to the surface. This behavior is quantified with image processing. (Credit: TECHNOLOGY) [more...]

Machining Precision Microfluidic Channels

December 5, 2015

Microfluidics combines expertise in engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology to design systems in which extremely small volumes of fluids are processed [more...]

How to Smooth 3D-Printed Parts

December 5, 2015

Many high-quality parts produced on 3D printers can be sanded by hand to eliminate layer lines and produce a smooth finish. There’s a misconception that 3D printing cannot make the kind of smooth [more...]

TSI Condensation Particle Counter

December 5, 2015

PRODUCT DETAILS Condensation Particle Counter Model 3772 is a compact, rugged, and full-featured instrument that detects airborne particles down to 10nm at an aerosol flow rate of 1.0L/min, over a [more...]

Microfluidics, Could Soon Cool Your Clothes

December 2, 2015

THE idea came to Ralph Liedert while he was sweltering in the Californian sunshine, having been standing with his daughter for over an hour in a queue for a ride at Disneyland. What, he thought, if [more...]