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November 2014

Little Things Factory

November 26, 2014

About the Company:  Designer and manufacturer of microfluidic components and systems in glass, quartz and silicon substrates with applications in the field of life science, chemistry and medicine. [more...]

Oxford Laser, Inc.

November 24, 2014

About the company: Designer and manufacturer of laser micromachining and high speed imaging system.  Applications of high speed imaging systems include spray pattern and plume geometry measurement, [more...]


November 17, 2014

About the company:   microLIQUID is a chip vendor for fabricating microfluidic structures, integrate electrodes on microstructures and chip interface. Handling materials for microfluidic structures [more...]

Optimizing Graphene Characterization

November 16, 2014

Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb latticemade of carbon atoms (Credit: Wikipedia)  Before 2004, when Geim and Novoselov demonstrated the existence of graphene, a single-atomic-layer-thick [more...]

Sphere fluidics

November 3, 2014

About the company: Sphere fluidics develops products for use in high-throughtput analysis of single cells analysis, characterization and generation of their genetic, transcriptomic and proteomic [more...]


November 3, 2014

About the company: Japanese Manufacturer of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. It develops and manufactures precise fluidic control related components, including solenoid valves, pinch [more...]

Precision 3D Printing by Solidscape

November 2, 2014

With new stories announced daily, the vast opportunities within the 3D printing technology seem to be as endless as the new capabilities. An intriguing space, of course, is the use of 3D printing in [more...]